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Alzheimers and Neurodegeneration

Are you finding it harder to remember simple things? Where you put your keys, names, places, dates or phone numbers? It can be scary to feel like your memory is fading.

Many of us just assume that memory problems are part of the normal aging process and assume a little lose is okay.

Your fuzzy memory can progress to a loss of motivation, foggy thinking, drecreased attention span or difficulty performing simple tasks like balancing your check book.

According to the Alzheimer Association:

  • As many as 5.3 million people in the United States are living with Alzheimer’s.
  • Every 70 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer’s.
  • Alzheimer’s is the seventh-leading cause of death

Neuro Degeneration is an Accelerating and Progressive condition.

Early detection is key. Outside of traditional methods what else can be done to extend the quality of day to day life? A lot! However, We are not here to replace your traditional care options, only enhance your outcomes and give you the best chance to live well.

  • Are there ways to increase blood flow and decrease the inflammation that bring about these problems?
  • Are you looking for cutting edge scientific treatment methods that provide a safe natural way of protecting the brain from further damage?
  • If you have been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s, Dementia or any other neurodegenerative disorder we can help.

In our office, we start with a comprehensive history and questionnaire that provides a starting point for care.

We look at lab work for important neuro-inflammatory markers (Homocysteine, Highly sensitive C-Reactive Protein, blood glucose, serum fibrinogen, cortisol (rhythm and quantity) and hormones).

We also check the integrity of the blood brain barrier. The blood brain barrier is your brains defense against bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other invaders.

A GABA challenge test will tell us if your blood brain barrier is intact. This is very important to stop inflammation and accelerated degeneration!

We also test to see if you have other factors such as autoimmune antibodies, Hormone imbalances, Food Sensitivities, Gastrointestinal Integrity testing that can affect your condition.

You can learn more about the Functional Metabolic Testing as well as our Brain Based Therapy, Neurological Rehabilitation we implement to help people who suffer with Neurodegenerative disorders.

Learn How Brain Based Therapy Can Help.

Learn How Exercise With Oxygen Therapy Can Help

Wondering About Your Neurotransmitters ? Take the Brain Quiz and Brain Neurotransmitter profile now.

Dr. Jim Yang, DC and his staff are dedicated to you health and well-being. If you would like to speak with the Dr. Yang about a possible plan for Improving Brain Function and Brain Based Therapy please contact us for a Free consultation at 925.829.8484


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  • "I have been seeing Dr. Jon for 11 years. When I began seeing him, my spine curved in the opposite direction of how it should. It is now curving in the right direction. Dr. Jon is extremely knowledgeable about chiropractic. He is holistic in his approach to better health. I highly recommend Dr. Jon."
    Terri Bach, San Ramon, CA
  • "I came to Dr. Widenbaum because of back pain due to an auto accident. My back pain started going away, and I was able to sleep at night. I definitely recommend the Widenbaum Chiropractic team.
    They gave and provide the best healthcare."
    Mashied Shariati