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Cardiovascular Autoimmune Diseases

Some speculate that the leading cause of death in the world, heart disease, is due to inflammatory reactions in the capillary wall at the site of atherosclerosis. It is the plaguing, caused by a high homocysteine level which then etches the arterial wall. This 'scratch' is then healed with a cholesterol patch. The high homocysteine levels are tied to inability to absorb vitamin B12 and folic acid - a problem endemic in autoimmune disorders. These nutrients are essential in converting homocysteine to its harmless substrate. Some have termed this celiac disease myocarditis, which is a misnomer since celiac disease accompanies few of the coronary conditions. It can be ANY autoimmune disorder that can lead to cardiovascular autoimmune disease. However it is a treatable condition and anti-gliadin and other antibodies as well as cytokines can be checked in patients who are unresponsive to conventional treatments. These patients respond to dietary management and TH1/TH2 control, antigen removal, sublingual B12/Folic Acid supplementation, and diet guidelines that are in the Gluten Diet section.