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When the patient enters our office for allergy relief a thorough history is taking & the patient is placed in one of three categories; mild, moderate, or severe. The length of treatment depends on the severity of your condition as well as the number of substances your body is reacting to.  Most treatments will take three to ten sessions versus traditional allergy treatment that takes two to five years of shots.

Once the history is finished then you will be taken to be tested. The tests involve no needles or skin pricks & is painless. Our testing methods give us the ability to test for thousands of substances versus traditional tests that are limited in the number of substances that can be tested. There are four procedures that the patient can be tested & treated in. Procedure one which is the most important contains the most common foods eaten.  Procedure two contains less common foods as well as international foods.  Procedure three contains Inhallents, animal and enviromental sensitivities including those associated with traditional outdoor allergies. Procedure four contains chemicals and household cleaning items. Every substance has its own unique frequency like a finger print of a person is unique to that person & the frequencies of these substances are known. The patient is tested in procedure one & then treated for everything found in procedure one. Then the same protocol if needed will be followed for procedure two, three, & four.

You will have two clips placed on your fingers while you sit comfortably & the test is started. The test will measure stress to the Nervous System & the nervous system. You will be tested for each substance & a positive reaction will be recorded. Sometimes during a test a patient will not react to a single substance but this program will combine single substances together to see if a positive reaction will occur with the patient which is known as a positive Multiple Response. This is another advantage of our testing that traditional testing cannot achieve. All positive results are then loaded into the light emiting device & treatment to the nervous system begins.

Treatment with the light wand is safe, painless, & does not elicit any side effects. The light is the means of introducing the frequencies of the substances to the nervous system. Think of it like the shot minus the pain. The needle does not do anything except deliver what is in the syringe. Or like how the light beam at a grocery store check out counter picks up the coded information from a bar code and delivers it to a computer. The same thing takes place with the light as it delivers the frequencies of the substances painlessly to the nervous system. This helps eliminate stress to the nervous system plus recondition the nervous system so when you come in contact with those substances again you will not have a reaction.

Remember No Needles, No Shots, or No Medicines are used in our program!

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